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Brenda Epperson
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Brenda was born in North Hollywood, California. Her late father, Kentucky born, Don Epperson, was both a country singer (charted on RCA) with two top ten hits "Sittin' On The Highway" with (Glen Campbell singing backgrounds). Don Epperson also co-starred with John Wayne in "Big Jake". After his sudden death in 1973 (he was 32), Brenda's mother, Sherry, was left alone to raise two daughters. Brenda and Deborah, Brenda's older sister. Sherry survived by sewing and designing costumes for various studios and stars. Sherry always told the girls that with God nothing was impossible and lived at times on a wing and a prayer. A few years later, the three of them left Southern California and moved to Dallas, Oregon, a small logging town of 6,000 people where Brenda spent most of her childhood.

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